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Repair of broken painted glass door (Rab)


Detail of beautifully painted stained glass door by Daniel Cottier, late 19th century. Unfortunately, one of the central painted features was very badly damaged.

Broken Glass

The protective glass at the front of the door was also badly damaged

Broken Glass

A new enamel and stained piece of glass was re-painted to copy Cottier's broken glass.


After several tests, a Reuche transparent pink enamel gave the best result, which was then over-painted with a thin Debitus carmine wash.

Enamel detail before firing

The mix of pink enamels achieved the required delicacy of the original 19th century glass.

Painting detail

The finished replacement piece in place


Other broken pieces were replaced throughout the door. Two of the large rectangular floral borders in the kiln.

Painted border pieces

The finished door

Finished Door



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