Cannon | MacInnes

Repainting two large floral Victoran plates of glass (Linda)

Bridge of Allan, Stirling

This large Victorian stair window had suffered from extensive heat damage during a domestic fire. Te top two panels had cracked beyond repair and needed to be replaced.

Window before

Detail of one of the panels of glass, showing extensive heat cracks throughout. Each panel measured over one meter wide.

Broken glass

Two new pieces of 6mm float glass were cut to size, and covered with fablon. The details were copied from the original broken glass, and carefully cut out using a scalpel.

Drawing the image

Painting the trace lines first over the cut-out fablon.

Painting the trace

Painting the obscuring grey enamel.

Painting the mouseline

Creating highlights in the background before firing


Adding blue and pink enamel

Adding enamel

Detail of the studio during painting, showing both new panels, and the original broken glass to be copied.


Detail of finished top panel before installation

Finished top panel

Detail of finished second panel

Finished second panel

Finished second panel before installation

Finished panel

Installing both panels


Detail of the whole window after installation, showing the close match between the original lower panel, and the replacement upper panel.

After installation



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