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19th century windows by Daniel Cottier (Rab & Linda)

Dowanhill Church, Glasgow
Four Acres Charitable Trust

Between April 2005 - March 2006 we removed and restored 437 individual panels of stained glass which had been designed and made by Daniel Cottier in 1867.

Dowanhill Church, east elevation during restoration.

We were assisted in this project by Joy Bunclark, who completed her Historic Scotland Fellowship with us. In this photograph she is removing one of six Patriach heads from the Rose Window.

Joy removing Rose Window

Many of the panels were badly damaged, broken, buckled, or partially missing.

CVMA no. NII 1a before conservation

Over half of this panel had to be remade, matching glass type, paint colour, stain intensity, drawing style, and lead profile of original panel. A partial relead was done only where necessary.

CVMA no. NII 1a after conservation

The upper gallery consisted of 72 large panels. Every one of them was distorted due to poor structural support.

Distortion in large panels

We are grateful to a great team of friends and colleagues who helped us complete the project on time (L-R: Rab, Linda, Eilidh & Maurice).

Rab, Linda, Eilidh & Morris on site



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