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The Mayfair Cinema (Rab & Linda)

The Riverside Project
Images reproduced by permission of Culture and Sport Glasgow (Museums)

Two long, thin, Art Deco leaded panels from the Mayfair Cinema, Sinclair Drive, Glasgow. Now part of Glasgow Museums Collection. Conserved for the new Riverside Museum, due for opening 2010.

"Mayfair" before conservation

Detail of broken glass from "Mayfair".


Condition report of "Mayfair" before conservation.

Condition Report

"Mayfair" had to be partially split to allow us to carefully conserve the glass. The original lead was placed aside to be reused.

Conservation detail

Each piece of broken glass was joined together using Hxtal epoxy resin and BASF dry pigments.

Conservation detail

The original leads were used to put the panel back together. The split ends were cleaned to allow for fresh soldering.

Conservation detail

After re-soldering, the damaged area was hand puttied and polished with a soft brush to patina the new solder to match the old.

Conservation detail

Old nicotine staining was removed using a dry, glass fibre brush. No solvents or water were used for any of the conservation treatment.

Conservation detail

A new perimeter lead was added to ensure a perfect fit within the custom built frame. The black, anodised aluminium frame was commissioned from IWF ltd, who provides stained glass frames for the V&A and the Burrell Collection.

Conservation detail

"The" after conservation.

Detail of "Mayfair after conservation showing resin infill to match missing glass.



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