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Broken Painted Front Door (Linda)

Glasgow, West End

A large domestic painted glass panel in an Edwardian front door. The glass broke when the door slammed shut in the wind

Broken glass

A new piece of glass was cut to size from an old salvaged pane of Victorian glass that we had kept from a previous job. Fablon was stuck onto the glass and the design traced on and carefully cut out by hand.

Drawing the image

The trace line was then painted, and the fablon carefully removed.

Painting the trace

The first kiln firing of seven firings.

Firing the glass

The colour was added in layers of oil and water paint (enamel) with each layer being fired at 700 degrees Celsius.

Adding enamel

Slowly the colours and the painting began to take shape.


More colours = more firing

Firing the glass

Detail of the painted yacht scene before the yellow stain was added.


The colour of the enamels were very different before and after firing. The brown paint shown here, fired dark green.

Before firing

Similarly, the colour of the yellow stain changed considerably in the kiln. (Detail before firing)


At all times the new panel on the LHS was compared with the colour and tone of the original broken glass on the RHS.

Before and after

The finished door panel in situ.

After restoration

The finished new door panel.

After restoration

Detail of the finished panel.

After restoration

The finished door panel from the outside.

After restoration



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