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During the stonework restoration of the tower it became necessary to quickly remove the leaded glass to effectively repair the broken stone and loose mortar.

Restoration of tower

The leaded glass was firmly set into the stonework with Portland Cement. There were no "sacrificial fillets" to protect the panels from damage during the removal process.

Two of three quarry windows inside the tower

Before any windows were removed, a complete condition survey of all the glass in the church was undertaken.

Rab in the attic

The stone lintels between each panel were badly broken and moving due to mortar loss. This made the glass removal even more difficult and precarious than usual.

Tower windows before removal

Once removed, the stonework can be properly assessed for repair. New traditional lime mortar will be used to re-install the panels.

Windows removed

The windows were boxed on site and removed to storage until the stonework is repaired.

Windows boxed for storage

During the condition survey, an unusual way of plumbing was noted, situating the piping through the leaded window.

Lead piping

Thurso is the most northerly town on the Scottish mainland, in Caithness. Big, beautiful lanscapes.




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