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Windyhill lights (C R Mackintosh) (Rab & Linda)

Windyhill House, Kilmacolm
Private owner

Four new lights for Windyhill House. The original lamps are part of Glasgow School of Art's archive. Metal work by John Creed. 2003

Windyhill, Kilmacolm - light fitting

Surprisingly, these large hanging lamps are proportionally ideally suited to the low ceiling in the drawing room. 2003

Windyhill, drawing room, interior.

This large candelabrum is the focal point of the main stairwell, and can be seen equally well from inside and outside the house. 2002

Main stairwell, large hanging candelabrum.

Over a period of five years, the mirror was remade, the lamps were restored, and new stencils were made, according to the original Annan photograph, from Glasgow University Archive. 2007

Windyhill, main bedroom.

Having been badly damaged, eight original lamps were carefully restored. New glass was specially hand made by the English Antique Glass Company. 2006

Restoration of original lamps.

After close examination of original, contemporary, Mackintosh stencils, we repainted the main bedroom using hand drawn stencils. 2007

White bedroom, wardrobe stencil.

Windyhill Lights


Hall light


View of lamps from below


View of lamp from below


Detail of lamps from inside




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